Other Projects
These are some various other projects I'm working on:

FripTV - Opensource SDL IP TV player

Dar packer plugin for Total Commander
This plugin supports unpacking of single slice, gzip or bz2 compressed, unencrypted or scramble encrypted archives
Last update: 25.01.2012
- 26.01.2012: Fix UNICODE build and some other minor bugs - UNICODE and x64 builds (BETA-2) - (source)
- Probably needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime installed
Update: 02.11.2008:
- Add INI configuration
- Read version 7 (DAR 2.3.8) scrambled archives
- Fix hard links returning CRC error
- Fix reading scrambled archives
- download (source)

MBM (Motherboard Monitor) plugin to show ATi GPU temperatures (requires ATT) - download (source included)

OpenWRT Whiterussian 0.9 SVN (July 2007 checkout):
- Version 5 patch + Broadcom driver
- X-WRT web interface (including Busybox 1.4.2 update), SVN checkout July 2007
- support multicast routing and include igmpproxy
- include GNU Midnight Commander :-) and various other tools (tcpdump, iptraf, netstat-nat, ebtables, ext3, nfs and usb modules...)
- update ntpclient to 2006_318 and fix startup scripts
- include tinc VPN 1.0.8 with PMTU fix
- various other small script fixes, suitable (and tested! :-)) for remote update (telnet port is open on first boot)
- use at your own risk! It works for me...but it might brick your router! You have been warned!
- Download:
    * 8MB version (has about 3.9MB space after flash, use the 4MB version unless you're 100% certain you have a device with 8MB flash)
    * 4MB version (has about 380KB space after flash, missing cifs,nfs&ext3 modules and tinc VPN)
    * source (see post-install script if building, it contains some additional steps...then run 'make target/2.4/brcm-image' to create final image)

OpenGL 3D engine - I am developing an OpenGL 3D engine. Currently it supports:
- 3DS model loading
- Fixed pipeline shadow maps
- Per-pixel lighting
- PCF GLSL shadow maps
- Gaussian blurred soft shadows

I still have to submit this to my uni for my diploma, so only a screenshot for now :-)
Full source and binary will be available later.