DOSBox Glide compatibility
Games that have been tested with my experimental DOSBox Glide patch.



Archimedean Dynasty (use nGlide or dgVoodoo2 for best results)*
Blood (works with dgVoodoo, needs memsize=63)*
Carmageddon (works with dgVoodoo)*
Descent2 (works with openglide, use the unofficial 3dfx patch)
Dreams to Reality (menus are not visible with openglide)
Extreme Assault (demo)   (screen2)
Lands of Lore 2 (works fine, some wrapper related problems)
RedGuard (set the cycles to <20000 for the game to start, use memsize=63 for larger levels)
Screamer 2 & Rally (set lfb=write for best performance)
TombRider (no problems, use the patch from Eidos, search for Voodoo Rush patch) (screen2 running on MacOS X (10.6))

* Works with dgVoodoo: means it works in DOSBox with dgVoodoo wrapper; change the glide2x.dll in DOSBox folder with the dgVoodoo; do NOT replace the glide2.ovl or copy it in the game directory!


Incompatible (should work with hardware emulation):

Fatal Racing (Whiplash)
All early 3dfx games/demos with statically linked glide library (which do not use external glide2x.ovl)



Croc  (screen2)
F22 - Total Air War
Psygnosis F1 (demo)
Unreal (old versions of patch failed with GPF: UGlideRenderDevice::DownloadTexture)


NFS2SE (locks after a few sec of gameplay)


Everything that actually uses Direct3D and not Glide

OpenGL (games using 3dfx MiniGL):


Half Life  (screen2)
Quake 2

* Make sure you use the latest game patch and latest 3dfx MiniGL (1.47)



Everything else that uses OpenGL w/o support for the 3dfx MiniGL

List of Glide games:

This is a list of (DOS?) Glide games I've tried to compile over the years:

Actua Golf (Gremlin / Interplay)
Battlecruiser 3000AD (Interplay)
Blood (with patch, anybody get this working?)
Burnout (Bethesda)
Deathtrap Dungeon (Domark UK / Eidos Interactive)
Descent 2 (Parallax / Interplay)
Dreadnought (Ocean UK / Ocean)
Dreams (to Reality) (Cryo)
Extreme Assault
EuroFighter 2000 (Digital Image Design / Ocean)
Fatal Racing
Gears n Guts (Gremlin / Interplay)
Grand Theft Auto
iM1A2 Abrams Tank ("Charybdis Enterprises, Inc." / Interactive Magic)
Jet Fighter III
Lands of Lore 2
Mortificator (Lobotomy / Playmates)
NASCAR Racing 2
POD (UBISoft Entertainment / UBISoft Entertainment)
Redguard, Elder Scrolls
Screamer 2
Screamer Rally
Shadow Warrior
Starfighter (Krisalis Software Ltd. / 3DO)
Terminal Velocity
Tomb Raider (Core Design / Eidos Interactive) (needs Bat file on V2+)
Toshinden (Digital Dialect / Playmates)
Virtua Squad
VR Soccer '96 (Gremlin / Interplay)
Whiplash (Gremlin / Interplay)
Xidious (Eclipse Software Development / Eclipse Software Development)

List of Windows Glide games:
Here's a text copy of the first post: link

"Be aware that there a probably a bunch of older titles that are actually Direct3D/OpenGL (no specific Glide support) in the list. Sometimes you'll find data on a game saying it's "Glide" or "3dfx" when it actually support D3D or OGL.
Primary reason for that is the 3dfx card was the only card that performed 3D acceleration well at the time. Kind of like calling a soda a 'Coke'."