1. What is dxmci.dll?

Dxmci.dll is MCI to DirectShow wrapper. It will intercept MCI calls and translate them to DirectShow. It was specifically designed for Wing Commander IV DVD, Transport Tycoon Deluxe and Starfleet Academy DVD so it is not a complete implementation. Right now (and for the foreseeable future), this is the only thing it will do.

2. How can I use it?

Download dxmci.dll and copy it to where you installed WC4 DVD or Transport Tycoon Deluxe (with TTDpatch) or SFA DVD.
WC4 instructions: Download mpeg2.dll and put it in the game directory (replacing the original), the file has been modified to load dxmci library instead of the default windows one. Set the game to Windows 98 compatibility mode and run it.

3. Will this work in Windows 98?

Yes it will! Just follow the above rules (minus the compatibility mode issue). Make sure you have Mpeg-2 filters which work under DirectShow. Mpeg2dec did not work for me, but I've got it working with Ligos filters.
But the game can also run without this patch although it didn't work for everyone since it requires real MCI drivers. I've used WinDVD 2.1 to make it run for testing purposes.

3a. What about Windows ME?

The movies and the game itself ran fine with Ligos filters on my computer. But after exiting the game it corrupted my display so a reset was necessary. Since this also happens with a clean game install, I would say this patch is working, just the game isn't :) YMMV, you can try it but you should get a different OS anyway.

4. I get no video, or no sound in the movie sequences (WC4 only)!

Dxmci requires working mpeg-2 and AC3 filters. You do not have all the required DirectShow filters installed. Check optional components and download the appropriate DirectShow filter!

5. I get "wc4dvd.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point ?openMovie@MPEG@@SAHPAXPAD@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library mpeg2.dll." error. What can I do?

You have a later build of WC4 DVD. If your wc4dvd.exe is dated 25.9.1997 (size: 773.120 bytes), please download this alternate mpeg2.dll and overwrite the file that is in dxmci download archive.

6. I get a popup "c:\vob\xxxxxxxx.vob not found" in WC4. Help!

You forgot to put mpeg2.dll in the WC4 dir. Check Q2.

7. Some of the movies play OK, but some skip or freeze

Upgrade to version 1.3 or higher and configure dxmci to use a higher compatibility level. Version 1.3 (and up) supports 5 different levels:
- Level 0: This level has the smallest delay between clips, but might not work on your system (this is how the very first version worked)
- Level 1: This is the default level (the same as versions up to 1.2)
- Level 2: This level will try to reset parts of DirectShow between clips to avoid problems
- Level 3: This level will completely reset DShow between clips (it might introduce slight delay between each clip, select this level when the first video plays but others do not)
- Level 4: This is the safest mode, all parameters will be reset before each clip

8. Starfleet Academy crashes or skips all the movies after I press ESC!

If SFA crashes, force VMR9 in the configuration and use the D3D version. All the movies will skip when you press ESC. This is a known problem; if anyone knows how to fix it let me know!


01.1.2008: dxmci15.zip (38KB) - Version 1.5 (source)

Change log:
- Released under GNU GPL
- Starfleet Academy DVD support
- Support forcing VMR9 renderer and mpeg2dec

Older versions

23.8.2005: dxmci13.zip (42KB) - Version 1.3
- Parts of the dll have been completely rewritten, DirectShow fixes, support for the configuration system, compatibility levels...
- Supports playing WC4 videos from a different location (disk or a network drive)

27.6.2004: dxmci12.zip (40KB) - Version 1.2
- Transport Tycoon Deluxe support added.

24.6.2004: dxmci11.zip (36KB) - Version 1.1
- Proper checking of return values.
- More fixes for broken mpeg splitters.

18.4.2004: dxmci10.zip (32KB) - Version 1.0
- Changed playback window back to original behavior.

16.4.2004: Third update:
- Fix for Ligos splitter. Movies should no longer skip when Ligos filters are in use.

12.4.2004: Second update:
- Modified to load Mpeg2Dec filter if exists to try to fix skips on some computers.

11.4.2004: Update version:
- Changed the playback window behavior. The window will be reopened after every MCI_CLOSE.

9.4.2004: First public release

Optional addons
mpeg2dec.zip (138KB) - GPL Mpeg-2 decoder filter, download, extract to your WC4 directory and run register.bat
AC3Filter - GPL AC3 decoder filter (link to homepage)

Fix for the VirtualProtect() error. Thanks to NStriker!
WC4DVDFix.zip (2KB) - WC4 DVD version.
WC4DVDFix - Alt.zip (2KB) - WC4 DVD alternate version - if you need the alternate mpeg2.dll apply this patch, not the one above or it will break your game!
WC4Fix.zip (2KB) - WC4 CD version.
WC3Fix.zip (2KB) - WC3 Kilrathi Saga version.

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